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Advanced Birth Monitoring and alert Solution for Equine Breeders and Vets

The Piabreed Solution seeks to address the breeding industry’s need for a non-invasive, early detection birth monitoring and alert system. The Piabreed Project has been underway since the end of 2019. Following a successful study in the 2020 foaling season, an all-new algorithm was developed and is now being tested in a market trial in Europe.

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Official Project Partners

Swiss Federal Fund, Innosuisse

Swiss Institute of Equine Medicine (ISME) in Avenches

PD Dr. Dominik Burger of the University of Bern and Agroscope

Professor Dr. Thomas Ott of the ZHAW School of Life Sciences

THE STUDY (2020)

The initial study, conducted in 2020, is the largest known birth data collection project to date. It is titled “Piabreed: Machine Learning for Automated Ovulation and Birth Monitoring in Horses.” This year, the Piabreed Project is focusing on the birth-monitoring aspect, specifically the industry’s need for better, less invasive, and more cost-effective monitoring of foaling mares.

The Market Trial (2021)

The Piabreed Project team is embarking on a market trial with a select group of breeders for the 2021 foaling season. It’s anticipated that this secondary data collection will confirm the promising initial findings to provide breeders with a non-invasive, early detection solution for birth monitoring. If the market trial goes as planned, Piavita will release Piabreed to the market later this year.

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