General FAQs

1. Piavet Measuring Device

1. What is the Piavet Measuring Device?

The Piavet Measuring Device is a wireless hardware device equipped with several high-tech sensors that enable the user to take non-invasive, live measurements of equine vital signs and activity. It is light weight (<0.5 lb./160g), easy to use, waterproof, durable, and rechargeable.

It’s easily secured to the horse with the Piavet Belt, which fits around the horse’s girth area like a surcingle. The device can take vital sign measurements through the horse’s coat—no need for clipping.

2. How does the Piavet Measuring Device work?

Thanks to its 12 integrated sensors, the Piavet Measuring Device measures ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, RR intervals, and activity. The device sends the data via Bluetooth to the Piavet Base Station, where the data goes through some processing before being sent via the internet to the Piavet Cloud Applications where it’s viewed on the Piavet Platform. 

2. Piavet Base Station

1. What is it the Piavet Base Station?

The Piavet Base Station is a hardware component of the Piavet System that connects the Piavet Measuring Device via Bluetooth to the internet (with LAN or integrated mobile SIM).

The Piavet Base Station transfers the measurement data to the Piavet Cloud Applications in real time.

This data transfer allows you to view the live measurements on the Piavet Platform or iOS app from any location. The hardware is lightweight (approximately half a pound or 250 grams), and comes with a mounting plate that allows you to easily install it on any suitable surface of your facility.

2. Which version of the Piavet Base Station do I need?

There are two versions of the Piavet Base Station. The nature of your practice should play a role when making the decision about which to purchase. For example, are you practicing in a clinic or hospital? Or are you mostly on the road visiting client horses at their stables? Internet connectivity access determines which version of the base station you will need:

  • The stationary base station sends information through an Ethernet connection via a LAN cable. It connects to the internet via your local network and your modem. 
  • The mobile base station (currently only available in Europe) is for on-the-go use, and if the area you’re in is covered by a cellular network (3G or 4G). You can also use the mobile base station with the integrated SIM card.
3. How does the Piavet Base Station work?

The Piavet Base Station collects the data from the Piavet Measuring Device through a secure and stable Bluetooth connection and sends the information to the Piavita Cloud Applications.

The data can be sent two ways, depending on whether you have the stationary or mobile version. The stationary version connects to the internet via your local LAN network, whereas the mobile version connects to the internet via the mobile network using its integrated SIM card. 

3. Piavet Belt

1. What is the Piavet Belt?

The Piavet Belt is a soft but durable hand-made surcingle that ensures comfort for the patient even with long-term wear. The Piavet Belt is machine washable but can also be disinfected between uses by spraying it with a 70% alcohol solution.

2. How does the Piavet Belt work?

The Piavet Belt consists of three main components: The velcro flap that secures the Piavet Belt at the base of the wither. The belt clip, which allows you to adjust the tightness and size, and the silicone placeholder that holds the Piavet Measuring Device in place.

Once the Piavet Belt is in place and properly adjusted, the horse’s coat should be saturated with a 70% alcohol solution where the Piavet Measuring Device will sit. After securing the Piavet Measuring Device inside the placeholder, you are ready to start a measurement.

4. Piavet Platform

1. What is the Piavet Platform?

The Piavet Platform is Piavita’s digital monitoring and patient management software system. Here you can access live and historical measurements, analyze health data, take notes and screenshots, share case information and collaborate with colleagues and much more!

2. How does the Piavet Platform work?

After your Piavet System is delivered, you will receive an email with the registration link from our platform administrator. With the link, you can set your user password and log in to start monitoring your patients. The Piavet Platform is accessible on any device.

5. Piavet System Features

1. What can I measure with the Piavet System?
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Temperature
  • ECG
  • RR Interval
  • Activity
2. What data can I export from the Piavet Platform?

From the Piavet Platform you can export ECG-related data, such as RR Intervals, in the form of a .CSV file.

3. What features come with the Piavet System?
  • Piavet Alerts – You can opt in to be notified (via a call or SMS) if vital signs go above or below your selected range. The notification is triggered when 4 events occur within 15 minutes.
  • Card Index – Keep track of all your patients, owners, and recordings with this patient management feature.
  • Patient Timeline – Keep track of a patient’s history and recordings automatically.
  • Expert Cardiac Analysis – We partner with DiploVets to provide you with the option to request a report from a cardiology expert via the Piavet Platform. Send your Piavet System recordings directly to DiploVets and receive an ECG report within 5 business days.

6. iOS Piavet App

1. What is it?

The Piavet app for iOS is a native app that delivers a whole new user experience and allows you to have access to all the platform features on your iPad or iPhone.

For Android users, we have a mobile-responsive WebAp that gives you the ability to start and stop measurements, view real-time overview values, add patients and owners, and contact support. This solution does not currently support charts. Simply log into your Piavet account at from the browser on your Android device.

7. Piavet System Setup

1. What do I need to use the Piavet System?

In order to use the Piavet System, you need to ensure that you have internet access in the areas of your clinic where you’d like to monitor patients (either via mobile data or via LAN cable).

It’s also important that the Piavet Base Station is within 30m (or 100 feet) of the Piavet Measuring Device when in use. To ensure good Bluetooth connectivity, make sure serious obstacles like metal doors or thick walls are no between the two components.

2. What do I need to prepare before using the Piavet System?

You don’t need to do much preparation before using the Piavet System. Simply make sure that the setup in your stable or clinic is compatible with our installation requirements (internet access, monitoring areas where metal walls or doors won’t block the Bluetooth signal). You will receive installation support either remotely or in-person, depending on the size of your installation.

3. Who can help me set up the Piavet System?

Your Piavet System comes with detailed set-up instructions and personal set-up guidance via Premium Support. This means you’ll receive personalized and professional support to get the most out of the system. If you have any questions you can always contact us at

8. Running a Measurement

1. How do I measure vital signs with the Piavet System?

In order to take a measurement, you first need to make sure your Piavet hardware and PC, laptop, or mobile device are connected to the internet.

Once the Piavet Measuring Device is secured in the placeholder on the Piavet Belt, you can start running the measurement via the Piavet Platform on any device at any time, even while away from your patient.

2. What do I need to take a measurement?

In addition to the Piavet System, you need an internet connection and a 70% alcohol solution to enable a high-quality measurement.

3. Are there any tutorials on how to use the Piavet System?

Visit the tutorials section of our About Piavet page for platform tutorials. We seek to add to these often. But as the software updates frequently, we encourage Piavet Users to direct questions to their dedicated support person for quick, helpful responses.

9. Working with finished measurement

1. What can I do with finished measurements?

There are several ways to interpret and view your finished measurements. You can scroll through the measurement, zoom in and out, add notes, or take screen shots (which will be saved in the Patient Timeline), as well as download the RR intervals for the whole measurement for further interpretation.

If you want a second opinion on a patient’s ECG, you can also request a DiploVets report directly from the Piavet Platform. This service allows you to send full measurements to specialized cardiologists to get more information about your patient’s case.

10. Piavita Liability

1. I have a question about legal- and related topics

11. Warranty

1. How long is the warranty of the Piavet System?

The basic warranty is two (2) years, but our Extended Warranty is up to four (4) years (depending on the country) for an additional fee.

12. Customer Support

1. How do I contact Customer Support?

Piavita Customer Support is offered in English, German and French and is available by emailing or by clicking on the envelope icon from the Piavet Platform.

We also have dedicated Customer Support phone numbers by country.

Support Phone Numbers
ch:+41 (0) 79 885 98 58
de:+49 (0) 3021 783293
uk:+44 (0) 2080 897871
us:+1 (980) 500-0848
fr:+33 755538700

13. Pricelist

1. How much does the Piavet System cost?

We are working with small ambulatory practices up to large, full-service hospitals. Please get in touch with us so we can determine the best installation size for you and your practice.

2. Do I have to pay for software updates?

No. Piavet software updates with the current functionality are included in the price of your annual subscription. Piavita is constantly developing additional features and releasing new versions. Platform updates are automatic.

14. Purchase

1. Can I request a demo?

If you’d like to see the Piavet Solution live, please get in touch via

15. Delivery

1. How do I get the Piavet System delivered?

The Piavet System will be delivered to you by your local courier company. The Piavet System is always delivered with the applicable documentation as well as with the user manual and educational materials that guide you through the first steps.

2. Who pays for the delivery costs for the Piavet System?

Delivery costs for purchased products are covered by Piavita AG.

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