Juli 3, 2019
equine arrhythmia

Equine Arrhythmias, explained by a veterinarian

Stock-free picture by Benny Jordan | Unsplash Written by Diogo Parreira DVM, Veterinary Advisor of Piavita AG   Equine cardiology is often a topic that is open for deeper discussion and learning in comparison to other equine veterinary topics. Having a remote, digitally-innovative method to track and record the equine […]
Juli 3, 2019
horse colic equine decease

The ultimate quick guide to horse colic

Text by Diogo Parreira, Veterinary Advisor Piavita AG   WHAT IS A COLIC? A horse colic can be described as “abdominal pain,” and it is still the #1 reason for calling the vet. Some good news is: 90% of them have medical treatment. You’re not alone: On average, 1 out of […]
Juli 3, 2019
Equine Dental Procedures

Equine Dental Procedures

Image by The Royal Veterinary College Text by Diogo Parreira, Veterinary Advisor Piavita AG   Dental procedures (non-surgical and surgical) in horses will, often times, require the use of sedation to guarantee safety for both the patient and the veterinary care team. Veterinarians often choose a preferred combination of sedation […]
Juli 3, 2019
horse in barn post-surgery

Post-Surgical Monitoring with the Piavet System!

  Text by Diogo Parreira, DVM. Veterinary Advisor Piavita AG   The recovery process with equine patients can often prove just as critical as the surgical procedure. Piavita strives to keep the veterinary care team safer & provide efficient, reliable monitoring of the equine vitals – ECG, heart rate, body […]
April 29, 2019

Continuous Remote Health Monitoring of Horses is already a reality: The Barkhof Case

Text by Björn Anders, Manager of Piavita Germany   The Head of the Equine Clinic Barkhof, Dr. med. vet. Heinz Jaugstetter, purchased the Piavet System in October 2018. His vision is to continuously and remotely monitor the vital parameters of his patients. This begins with a check-up at the time of admission, one hour before […]
April 16, 2019
Horse in ICU with Piavet

User Story: Oakham Veterinary Hospital – Enhancing critical care

Text by Björn Anders, Manager of Piavita Germany   Piavita starts a collaboration with Oakham Veterinary Hospital – Enhancing critical care. Dr. Adam Redpath of the University of Nottingham and Oakham Veterinary Hospital has developed an exciting collaboration with Piavita AG to enhance the post-operative monitoring of horses in the hospital’s […]