Introducing the Piavet Loyalty Program

Be an active part of the Piavet Community and save up to 95% on annual costs.

As a Piavet System User you get to play an active role in innovative technological development for the veterinary industry. By simply using the Piavet System for digital and remote monitoring in your daily work, you not only save time and increase value, but now you can even save money! Users can drastically reduce their annual costs by earning and redeeming PiaPoints through the Piavet Loyalty Program.

The Piavet Community Experience

From taking your first measurements to routinely monitoring your patients with the Piavet System, you are not only on a journey as a member of the Piavet Community, but you’re a player in the technological development of your industry. With continued use of the Piavet System, users get objective insights and peace of mind in their day-to-day practices, as well as a chance to evaluate exactly what they need and want from a digital monitoring solution. This feedback—and our users’ participation in data collection projects—is integral to our innovation.

A Giving Partnership

Across departments, we work to support the user journey by constantly improving and adding product functionality, training you and your staff, informing you about new features and updates, providing educational and informative content on our blog and social media, reviewing your feedback, and more. And as a software-as-a-service solution provider, we maintain and manage the Piavet Platform, securely store user and patient data, and provide our cloud applications across all your devices. These software services are supported by annual user fees.

Das Piavet Treueprogramm

So, we created the Piavet Loyalty Program as a way to show our appreciation for our users’ continued support and participation in the Piavet Community. Besides, a strong community is key to our continued innovation. And continued innovation is how we support our users in patient care—now and in the future.

Quick Overview

This new program rewards users for active participation in the Piavet Community. This means users check off activities—such as participating in an online training, completing a survey, or helping with data collection projects—and earn “PiaPoints” that can be redeemed for a discount on their end-of-year, user fees invoice. Users can get up to 95% off! No, that’s not a typo—you could be paying only 5% of your annual costs. And if there are any leftover points, they can be used toward discounts on Piavet accessories or hardware or rolled over into the next billing cycle. The more active the user, the more they save!

Get 25% off through Onboarding & Engagement activities alone!

As a new Piavet User, two things are essential: going through the onboarding process and using the system regularly. And doing this can now earn you 25% off your annual costs!

As the Piavet System supports your diagnosis and treatment decisions with objective data, we think the more monitoring the better! So, after you’ve completed your onboarding activities, you can start monitoring regularly and earn PiaPoints when reaching the set target for your monthly recording hours.

Checking off this list of activities will make you an expert in no time, and you’ll save big doing it!

Earn an additional 10% off for every 1,000 points collected!

And the savings don’t stop there. You can earn even more PiaPoints through a number of other activities.

Support our development

For instance, you can save by simply staying in touch with your dedicated support person and sharing your insights and feedback. Do you want a new feature, or is one not serving your needs in its current state? Tell us about it! Through our Vet and User Boards, we have established a feedback cycle that ensures that our users are being heard and the most desired improvements are prioritized by our developers. Getting involved in these ways supports our innovation, the greater Piavet Community, and the digital transformation of the veterinary industry as a whole.

Become a brand ambassador

Do you see the value of digital, remote monitoring and understand the role of objective data in your field? Do you see the many use cases for the Piavet System in your own practice and in the industry as a whole? If so, then help us spread awareness about the Piavet System and earn PiaPoints in the process! This might mean referring another clinic to us, adding the Piavet System to your website’s list of services, following and interacting with us on social media, and tagging us in photos that showcase how you employ remote monitoring in your practice. We keep track of these activities and reward you with heaps of PiaPoints!

How to earn and redeem PiaPoints

Click below to see all the ways you can earn PiaPoints and learn how to redeem them for major user fee discounts. We also suggest downloading the Program Rules & Regulations to get all the details.


Not a Piavet User yet?

If you’re still not sure about joining the global community of Piavet Users, let us help you decide! You can already earn PiaPoints by participating in our Intro Call! You’ll get answers to all your questions and learn what it means to be a Piavet User. And if you choose to join us, you’ll already be on your way to savings!
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