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Brigitte Kostersitz is an avid equestrian who works as a veterinary technician at Pferdeklinik (equine clinic) Tillysburg—a Piavita customer since late 2017.  We were able to connect with Brigitte via email to hear a bit about her experience using the Piavet System in her day to day. 

Interview with Vet Tech Brigitte Kostersitz

How did you hear about Piavita?

Piavita approached my boss, Dr. Matthias Koller, and presented the Piavet System.

What encouraged your clinic to buy the Piavet System?

[The Piavet System] is easy to use and operate.

In which cases do you use the Piavet System most often?

We use the [Piavet] System mostly for monitoring intensive care patients, especially colic sufferers.

What is it like to utilize the Piavet System in your practice?

It facilitates our work and our monitoring of patients, especially at night. The system makes it easier and better for us to monitor intensive care patients. We can now judge how the patient is developing and behaving from a distance without being in the barn, where we would normally only determine the [vital sign] values directly on the patient. So it is no longer necessary, especially at night, to be constantly with the horse

The system is easy to install on the patient and the operation of the website is also relatively self-explanatory. The heart rate is mostly identical to that of the patient—deviations are usually a result of the installation.

Would you recommend the Piavet System?

We would be happy to recommend the [Piavet] System to others—it will surely help all colleagues who want to monitor their patients around the clock.

The team at Pferdeklinik Tillysburg

At Piavita, we like happy vets and healthy horses. It’s that simple. We are a funded startup bringing sophisticated medtech to equine veterinary practices. But more than that, we are a group of talented engineers, developers, researchers and designers with a passion for delivering meaningful solutions to veterinarians. Have a question or suggestion? We’d love to von Ihnen zu hören..

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