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Piavita is a Swiss-born medtech company with a mission to transform veterinary care. We’re an interdisciplinary group of technologists, engineers, designers and equestrians from nine countries who share the same vision: to deliver innovative digital solutions that help veterinarians work better.

Dr. Dorina Thiess, CEO and Sascha Bührle, CTO

Our founders

Piavita was founded in Switzerland in 2016 by Sascha Buehrle and Dr. Dorina Thiess. They observed a strong need for technical solutions in the veterinary industry to reduce the waste of time and resources spent on important but repetitive tasks. 

So they partnered with veterinarians and researchers to develop a truly unique, hardware-enabled software solution for a completely non-invasive approach to vital sign monitoring. 

Today, veterinarians in private practices and university research clinics alike across the United States and Europe are using the company’s flagship solution—the Piavet System. 

our vision

Our vision is to be the universal leader of the digital veterinary industry, which means transforming the way veterinarians work. Despite its constant growth and remarkable size, the veterinary industry is still relatively “old school,” with routine in-patient checkups done manually several times a day and night checks  often performed hours apart.

With the Piavet System, we support veterinarians and clinic staff by giving them back the hours spent doing manual, repetitive tasks. Our solution gives vets peace of mind that patients are continuously monitored and can be checked on remotely at any time, day or night. 

Just another day in the “office”
Amy Bullard, North America Country Manager


Our mission is to deliver innovative digital solutions that help veterinarians work better. It’s really quite simple. Every day our team collaborates to tackle challenges that don’t always have easy solutions. User feedback is paramount in every update we code. And we’re constantly asking what we can do to make veterinarians’ lives easier.  

While paving new paths is tough, we continue to work toward a future where veterinary practices are digitally enabled so vets can rely on data-backed insights to deliver even better patient care


We are a hard-working group of individuals who share a passion for diversity, creativity, and collaboration. In every role at Piavita, we offer a lot of freedom and encourage fresh ideas. We value a relaxed and flexible work environment where ideas can thrive. We push ourselves to find creative solutions every day and grow in our roles as a result. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, check out our openings for a chance to join our team!

Summer team retreat, 2019

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