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Does it seem to be meaningful to you when we mention that our Measuring Device is waterproof? You think it does not make any difference in the daily routine of veterinarians? Be sure to read about how AK Equine Swiss Spa – Equilibrium uses the Piavet System to monitor horses’ vital signs during aquatic rehabilitation. This use case shows perfectly that the possibilities of using the Piavet System are basically unlimited.

Interview Questions

Why did you choose the Piavet System for your clinic and in which cases do you use it most often?

We are using the Piavet System at our Rehabilitation Centre since 2019. We choose the Piavet System because we believe this innovative system will help us in our everyday rehabilitation work as well as allow us to collect and compare data for our various ongoing Research Projects. 

How do you incorporate the Piavet System into your clinic?

In our centre we use the Piavet System in a lot of different settings. For example a few days after arrival, when the horses are settled, we use the Piavet System to do a general check up. To make sure all vital signs are within normal ranges before we start to swim them. On top of this we monitor the heart rate during swimming or aqua training to see how they manage their workout and to monitor their condition. 

What benefits has the Piavet System brought to your clinic?

In case a horse shows any signs of illness/colic we attach the Piavet System as well. Swimming can be quite exciting the very first time and therefore we think it is important to check the horses good before we start the rehab program. If needed we can advise the owner if it is not beneficial to swim the horse if the Piavet System shows an abnormal ECG. 

How has the Piavet System changed the daily routine or work in the clinic in general?

The Piavet System has not changed our daily routine at the spa centre, but we think it is an addition to give horses best care possible. It also allows us to give each horse the best individual fitness regime. 

Would you recommend the Piavet System?

We would definitely recommend the Piavet System as it is easy to use, durable and can serve all kind of purposes

At Piavita, we like happy vets and healthy horses. It’s that simple. Our mission it to transform veterinary care by providing remote health monitoring technology to the veterinary industry. With a non-invasive, sensor-enabled hardware device and sophisticated software platform, the Piavet Solution automates and digitizes repetitive, manual tasks to help vets save time and improve patient outcomes. We are a diverse group of engineers, developers, researchers, and horse people with a passion for delivering meaningful solutions to veterinarians. We operate out of offices in Zürich, Berlin, and North Carolina. Have a question or suggestion? We’d love to hear from you.

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