Piabreed – summary of the second data collection process

We did it!

The second data collection has ended successfully and we are very grateful to all breeders for helping with this project. Part of the second data collection was also seen as a market trial, which allowed us to collect valuable feedback again to further improve the birth detection algorithm, as well as the functionality of web platform and the birth alert. By working with external breeders, we now have access to a very broad data set, which is of great advantage for improving the algorithm. Not only do we now have measurements from more than one breed, but also measurements in different weather conditions, birth events and most importantly different users.

Piabreed in numbers:

  • 10 partners including Marbach Stud and Fährhof Stud
  • 872 recordings 
  • 101’874 predictions
  • 10’203 gross hours of recordings
  • 70 users indicated births

The pre-sale of Piabreed has already started!

If you have not yet had the opportunity to get more detailed information or already reserve a system, then simply follow the link Piabreed presale, where you will find everything important at a glance. Also the second part of the project on ovulation detection has also made good progress. Together with ISME Avenches, a total of 63 ovulation cycles could be measured, of which 37 can be judged as valid. Approximately 60 hours were recorded per cycle. After the first data collection, we now have a data set of over 100 births to work with for our colleagues at the ZHAW School of Life Sciences. We have a few more exciting months ahead of us, where we hope to be able to improve the birth algorithm even further.

Interested in learning more about Piabreed? Check out our informational page below to get all the details and learn about our current pre-sale offers!

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