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Caroline Lemcke is working as an assistant veterinarian for the Pferdeklinik Barkhof in Sottrum, Germany. She is most interested in intensive and emergency medicine as well as anesthesia. Currently, she is still completing a postgraduate master’s degree in “Equine Sciences” at the FU Berlin. Caroline Lemcke and her colleagues use the Piavet System mainly for intensive care patients and colic horses and have been Piavita customers since 2018.

Caroline Lemcke

Interview Questions

Why did you choose the Piavet Solution for your clinic?

When I started at the clinic, the system was already in use by a colleague. I later took it over from her.

In which cases do you use the Piavet System most often? 

We use it mainly for intensive care patients where increased monitoring is necessary, especially of the heart rate. For horses with colic, we use it routinely so you can just monitor them more closely. Especially at night, the Piavet System is helpful to see what the horses are doing, whether they’re standing or lying down, so you don’t always have to disturb them.

How do you incorporate the Piavet System into your clinic?

In the beginning, I wrote an overview for all employees so that everyone knows how it works. Then, as soon as a horse comes in that needs more intensive monitoring, the veterinarian can say, for example also from home, that the Piavet System should be put on. Especially in an emergency or when one is on the road with the driving practice, it is very practical. No matter where you are in the clinic, you can see the ongoing measurement on the different computers and the cell phones.

What benefits has the Piavet System brought to your clinic?

The monitoring is not location-based, which is very convenient for us with additional driving practice, as the veterinarian cannot always be at the clinic. In addition, you can cover multiple patients at the same time with the Piavet System and the recorded data is stored so you can look at it afterwards. 

How has the Piavet System changed the daily routine or work in the clinic in general?

We have used the Piavet System extensively in the surgery room, particularly for a doctoral thesis. It allows us to monitor not only the surgery itself, but also the laying down and waking up, where a normal ECG is rather impossible to use. After all, there are not only anesthesia incidents, but also during the stand-up phase. For colic, as I said, we always have the Piavet on by default. We have also started to involve the owners a little more and show them the recordings later. We have also taken it to client meetings from time to time. 

Would you recommend the Piavet System?

Yes, I would recommend it. It makes your job easier and gives you a better feeling with additional monitoring when you otherwise might not have the opportunity. It’s easy and practical to use and not costly. I also always find it interesting to see what all new things are being developed and where the journey is going.

At Piavita, we like happy vets and healthy horses. It’s that simple. Our mission it to transform veterinary care by providing remote health monitoring technology to the veterinary industry. With a non-invasive, sensor-enabled hardware device and sophisticated software platform, the Piavet Solution automates and digitizes repetitive, manual tasks to help vets save time and improve patient outcomes. We are a diverse group of engineers, developers, researchers, and horse people with a passion for delivering meaningful solutions to veterinarians. We operate out of offices in Zürich, Berlin, and North Carolina. Have a question or suggestion? We’d love to hear from you.

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