What are our Piabreed Partners saying?

We are getting closer to the end of our second data collection phase of the Piabreed Project so we talked to a few of our Piabreed Partners to get their insights and thoughts on Piabreed. Check out what they had to say!

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Why did you decide to become a Piabreed Partner?

Gestüt Jettenhausen

“[Piabreed offered] a different way of monitoring births, and I wanted to see the detailed data about the mare and the combination of different data to calculate a probability [of birth].”

Gestüt Karlshof

“The possibility of a more accurate prediction of the birth date and time.”

Pferdezucht Pfitzer

“To try something new and possibly more effective, as other systems are not always satisfactory.”

Klosterhof Medingen

“The project sounded very interesting.”

What is the best thing about monitoring your mares with Piabreed?

Gestüt Jettenhausen

“Seeing the detailed data for heart rate, respiration, temperature and movement in one system without disturbing the mare.”

Pferdezucht Pfitzer

“[It provides a] good overview and we have easy access to the data.”

Klosterhof Medingen

“The belt is very light.”

What benefits do you see for breeders once Piabreed is ready for the general market?

Gestüt Jettenhausen

“Multiple systems can run simultaneously and no transmitter needs to be sewn into the mare. I also like the informative vital sign data.”

Pferdezucht Pfitzer

“Better time management.”

Gestüt am Schlossgarten

“Birth prediction without night watch.”

Would you recommend Piabreed and why?

Gestüt Jettenhausen

“Yes, it is an alternative to the usual birth monitoring with much more information.”

Pferdezucht Pfitzer

“If everything works reliably [when the final algorithm is ready and the product goes to market] and births are reported early, then yes.”

Klosterhof Medingen

“Yes. [After the new data is fed into the algorithm], should the system alerts happen 2 hours before birth, that would be enough time.”

Interested in learning more about Piabreed? Check out our informational page below to get all the details and learn about our current pre-sale offers!

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