Piavet Loyalty Program: Reach Higher and Earn More with PiaBadges

We introduced the Piavet Loyalty Program in the Fall of 2020, and cannot express how happy we are to see how earning PiaPoints has also helped you, our Piavet Users, to use the Piavet System more often and for more case types.

Thanks to Piavet Community involvement, we have not only collected a ton of data for things like temperature and breeding algorithm development, but we’ve also collected more than 50 different feedback responses about features, future plans, support and communication and more! This is what it’s all about—working with you, our loyal vets and users, to pave the way for digital transformation in the veterinary field with the Piavet System.

This success is why we’ve decided to bring the Piavet Loyalty Program to the next level by introducing PiaRankings.


At the end of every month—starting now—we will see which of our Piavet Users have been the most active in the following four categories:

  • Recordings: The top 5 Piavet User accounts with the most recordings. Every recording counts!
  • Hours Recorded: The top 5 Piavet User accounts with the most hours recorded. Every minute brings you closer!
  • Social Media: The top 5 Piavet User accounts with the most social media actions (tagged posts / shares / comments). Get rewarded for sharing your experience! 
  • Feedback: The top 5 Piavet User accounts with the most feedback provided or bugs reported. Your insights are worth more than gold! 

Remember that for most of these categories, you still earn your regular PiaPoints, which bring you closer to money-saving discounts on your annual invoice.

Additionally, once you appear in any of the above categories 5 times (they do not have to be consecutive), you will be rewarded with one of our all-new PiaBadges!


Our new PiaBadges represent the four categories considered for monthly rankings.

For each PiaBadge you receive, you will get an additional 300 PiaPoints and the chance to earn the ultimate badge of honor—the title of “Piavita Ambassador”!

Piavita Ambassador

This exclusive title can only be given to those who collect at least one of the 4 primary PiaBadges and provide a testimonial. Upon becoming a Piavita Ambassador, you will earn another 200 PiaPoints! This badge can be used publicly as well to show your expertise using the Piavet System. You can post it on your website, share it on social media, or use it however you find most useful for your customers and industry connections. 

Where do you stand?

To get an update on your PiaPoints, you can email us at support@piavita.com. And remember, you can see your monthly targets and status on the Piavet Platform (www.pia.vet) in your notifications. 

And now, you can also see which PiaBadges you’ve earned by clicking on the new ribbon icon in the top bar of your dashboard. They will all appear grey until you’ve earned one, at which point they’ll show up in color for easy reference. If you need an image file of any of your earned PiaBadges to use on your website or share on social media, please get in touch!

Piavet Community 

Being a Piavet User means you play an important role in the digital transformation of veterinary care. By monitoring your patients with the Piavet System you not only provide great patient care, but also give your customers even more peace of mind. We look forward to seeing your participation in the Piavet Community and, of course, who will be the first to earn one of our all-new PiaBadges! 

At Piavita, we like happy vets and healthy horses. It’s that simple. Our mission is to transform veterinary care by providing remote health monitoring technology to the veterinary industry. With a non-invasive, sensor-enabled hardware device and sophisticated software platform, the Piavet Solution automates and digitizes repetitive, manual tasks to help vets save time and improve patient outcomes. We are a diverse group of engineers, developers, researchers, and horse people with a passion for delivering meaningful solutions to veterinarians. We operate in Europe and the USA, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Have a question or suggestion? We’d love to hear from you.

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