Piabreed Market Trial | Meet Our Breeding Project Partners

We are excited to finally introduce you to our Piabreed Project Partners! With 12 breeders and vets gathering data during the market trial, we anticipate having a LOT of diverse birth data to further train our machine learning algorithm, in addition to improving the functionality of the platform and birth alert using partner feedback.

Meet the Piabreed Project Partners

Gestüt Marbach

The Marbach State Stud is a key breeding partner for this project and part of our official partners group, as Marbach is a part of ISME. Marbach is one of the biggest national stud farms in Germany. Dr. vet. med. (DVM) Antonia Müller did the data collection in 2020 for the initial study and is continuing that data collection and research this season. The stud is expecting around 30 foals this year.

Gestüt Fährhof

Fährhof Stud is a large Thoroughbred breeding operation located in Sottrum, Germany. Originally focused on Warmbloods in 1960, breeder Walther J. Jacobs quickly realized that race horses were the future of his operation, and today the stud produces top horses that race in its well-known yellow and black silks. As a key player in the Piabreed Project, Fährhof collected data in 2020 to support the initial study and are continuing their partnership with us this foaling season with 15 expected births.

Performance Equine Vets

Performance Equine Vets is our primary US breeding partner. Located in Aiken, South Carolina, this full-service veterinary clinic has a large offering of reproduction services. With a particular interest in advanced reproductive techniques, founder Dr. Sabrina Jacobs is the perfect partner to bring diversified data and targeted feedback into the market trial. She is expecting more than 10 foals this season.

Pferdezucht Pfitzer

Pfitzer Equine Breeding is located in Neunheim, Germany and was founded in 1975. Today, the Pfitzer Family operation specializes breeding German Sport Horses (a warmblood breed) with a focus on dressage. They are expecting around 10 foals this season.

Gestüt Jettenhausen

Located south of Munich in Jettenhausen, Germany, Jettenhausen Stud formerly bred Trotters, but since 2000 has been focused on breeding Thoroughbreds—known in Germany as “English Fullbloods”. The small stud is laser focused on its craft and therefore can provide excellence in breed-specific reproductive services. Jettenhausen is expecting around 6 foals this season.

Equopark Stechele

Equopark Stechele is a full-service equine veterinary clinic with a reproduction arm that includes birth monitoring services. As Equopark Stechele is already a Piavita customer—using the Piavet System for vfeeterinary monitoring and analysis needs—we’re proud to expand our relationship and work together to bring more data into the mix through the Piabreed Project. They are expecting 4 foals this season.

Gestüt Karlshof

Karlshof Stud is nestled between Frankfurt, Germany and the Rhine River. A registered Thoroughbred stud since 1990, Karlshof has produced three Derby winners and a Preis der Diana winner, among others. With 65 stalls and 70 hectares of pasture land, Karlshof is a big player that we are proud to have onboard. The stud is expecting 25 foals this season.

Gestüt am Schlossgarten

Schlossgarten Stud is run by Dr. Stephen Eversfield—a 3rd generation breeder and an auctioneer and equine veterinarian who holds species-appropriate husbandry and healthy breeding practices at the top of his values. Located about 30 kilometers southwest of Frankfurt, Schlossgarten Stud breeds both Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods on its spacious grounds. The stud is expecting 8 foals this season.

Gestüt Hohenschmark

Hohenschmark Stud sits in a picturesque setting on the edge of a private lake, surrounded by 178 acres of green pastures. The stud primarily breeds Oldenburgs and Trakehners, while offering Miniature Horse breeding as well. With training, broodmare, and youngstock services, Hohenschmark Stud is a premiere breeding operation. They are expecting 6 foals this season.

Klosterhof Medingen

Klosterhof Medingen has been around since the 17th century, with a strong history of producing some of the best Trakehners in the world. The family-operation has been run by Burkhard Wahler since the 1980s, and the reins were just handed over to his son, Christoph Wahler—now a 3rd generation breeder himself. Today, the stud breeds Hanoverians, Trakehners, Oldenburgs, and Westfahlens. They are expecting 18 foals this season.

Hof Clasen

Hof Clasen is a family-owned breeding operation sitting between Hamburg and Hanover in Hiddestorf, Germany. Harvesting their own hay and straw for the horses, the Clasen Family takes deep pride in animal husbandry. The stud breeds Hanoverians and is expecting 6 foals this season.

Hof Eibens

Hof Eibens is a Holsteiner-dedicated breeding operation located in northern Germany, not far from Danish border. The 20-broodmare operation is led by Harald Andresen, who took over the family business at only 19 years old. Andresen’s approach to breeding is one of quality over quantity, saying “I want to breed horses, not multiply them.” We are very excited to have such a dedicated horseman and breeder participating in the Piabreed Project.

If you are interested in learning more about the Piabreed Project, want to get involved, or have any questions, please head over to our Piabreed Page and send us an email at info@piavita.com.

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