On-site Support and Demos—Our California Tour!

We’re offering on-site support again in the US! It has been a few months since the PiaTeam has been able to travel in the US, and while we’ve offered digital demos and other support workarounds since March with success, nothing beats being there in-person. Despite COVID and wild fire-related obstacles during our recent tour of sunny California, we had an amazing time assisting current customers and talking with equine clinicians about the Piavet System. Needless to say, we are very happy to be on the road again!

On-site support is key

One big benefit of seeing our customers in person is ensuring proper base station placement. But as every clinic is set up differently, on-site support for installation is ideal! When our team is able to tour a facility, we can recommend optimal placement based on the specific set up and use case requirements. This way, the clinic will know exactly what to do when receiving their products, making onboarding smoother and allowing them to start monitoring right away. 

Piavita US sales & support

We started our tour in San Francisco and ended in Los Angeles. In the Bay Area, we welcomed two new customers. Amy, Piavita’s US Country Manager, showed the Piavet System in action to the enthusiastic veterinary teams and then I provided support services by talking with the person responsible for installation. In each clinic, I toured the facility and pointed out the various places where the base stations would work best. We were even able to begin onboarding our new users before leaving the clinic.

“On site demos with our equine veterinary partners are the highlight of my journey with Piavita. While traveling, I have the great privilege of meeting those who have dedicated their professional lives to caring for horses and I always come away with a deeper understanding of the insight, empathy and care they offer. Seeing how the Piavet System contributes to these efforts leaves me feeling professionally satisfied and humbled.” 

Amy Bullard, US Country Manager

Welcoming new Piavet Users

Full-service in Sacramento

In Sacramento, we welcomed a new, full-service clinic to the Piavita Family that offers reproduction, equine sports medicine, and general equine medicine services. The open concept of this beautiful clinic was clearly the perfect layout for a Piavet System installation. We started the onboarding process right after returning home from the tour by shipping their Piavet hardware and accessories

Amy Bullard, US Country Manager

They will have one person dedicated to installing the base station, which will be used to target their foaling and colic monitoring stalls. But they expressed excitement to expand their monitoring capabilities in the near future with added base stations for their ICU stalls. We are very excited to now be supporting this clinic with digital, remote monitoring for their most critical patients.

Emergency care in the Central Valley

This new customer lies in California’s Central Valley and offers its customers full service and 24-hour emergency care. There was no doubting the fact that this clinic keeps very busy as we talked with the vets about the various cases they see on a daily basis. 

Brianna (that’s me!) providing vets with set-up support

Their team decided on two base stations, placing one near their surgery suite and crush, while placing the other above their ICU stalls. As I was onsite to offer support, we were able to already do some testing to ensure a quality set up. Installation planning is one of the most important but sometimes challenging phases, as every clinic set up is different. So when we are able to support onsite, we can guarantee that our customers know where and how to place their base station(s) to receive the best possible results. 

Pioneering services in Clovis 

We traveled many country roads to get to our last stop—an on-site demo in Clovis, California. The clinic offers a wide range of services and are known for accomplishing many new things in their area, including the first colic surgery, the first arthroscopy surgery, and treating fractures with internal fixation. 

A blue ring on the base station means it’s connected!

We are very excited to help digitize this practice with the Piavet System, which adds to their list of pioneering achievements. As the first clinic in their area to digitalize routine monitoring, they will now have even more insights and the confirmation of objective data for everything from routine procedures to colic surgery. 

Connected Clinic in Horse Town USA

Located in Norco, California is what we call a Piavet Connected Clinic. This means it’s a fully digitalized facility with a large installation of Piavet hardware for complete monitoring coverage. This clinic purchased multiple systems, so we visited them onsite to offer installation assistance.

In Horse Town USA, it’s all things equine. This means not only can you hitch your horse outside a shopping center, but you can also find top-level veterinary care without leaving town. This forward-thinking clinic installed seven systems to ensure each patient can be monitored around the clock. The installation includes coverage in their exam room, both operating theaters, and above their ICU and isolation stalls. This allows horses to be closely monitored in all phases of the surgery process, and ensures that ICU and isolation patients are less disturbed by frequent checks and therefore show true vital sign values.

Brianna (that’s me!) providing vets with installation support

When arriving on site, we unpackaged the previously shipped equipment, put the measuring devices on their wireless chargers and got to work! The lead vet provided a schematic he designed of the entire clinic. This was perfect because it helped us determine where and how we would place the base stations prior to arriving on site.

Ongoing support and upcoming tours

While we won’t be back in the Golden State for on-site support or demos in the short term, we will continue offering virtual product demos and assistance. Whether that’s a sales demo with Amy or support with me!

We will be traveling to the Nashville area in Tennessee next week and to Texas in November for more demos and installations. If you have a clinic in Nashville and haven’t talked to us yet, reach out to Amy by email (amy.bullard@piavita.com) to see if we can get you in the schedule! And if you’re in Texas, please get in touch soon—we’d love to pay you a visit!

Did you know that our team in Europe recently got back on the road as well? Read about our recent customer visits in Benelux here. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to get new articles like this delivered straight to your inbox, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more about our California tour.

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