Event Recap | 11th Annual NEAEP Symposium

Piavita recently attended the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners’ 11th Annual Symposium in Saratoga Springs, NY. And now that the dust of an educational and inspiring whirlwind event has settled, we’ve caught up with our North American Country Manager, Amy Bullard, to get the scoop!


But first, what is the NEAEP, you ask? Well, The Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners is an association focused on providing continuing education opportunities for vets and farriers. Members can obtain credits and develop a vast base of knowledge around innovative and advancing techniques in the equine veterinary health field. As the name suggests, NEAEP members are primarily from the Northeast region of the United States, but membership is open to all. 

According to its website, “The NEAEP exists to encourage farriers and veterinarians working together for the well-being of the horse through communication and continuing education.” As the first organization to include farriers in its definition of equine practitioners, the NEAEP seeks to foster the relationship between vets and farriers.


The NEAEP’s annual symposium this year was at the Saratoga Springs City Center. NEAEP CEO, Dave Dawson, reported that there were 449 people in attendance this year, and almost 200 were veterinarians!

During the symposium, the PiaTeam not only got a chance to interact with and learn from a diverse and inspiring group of equine veterinarians, but also display and demo the portfolio of products in the Piavet System. Piavita proudly exhibited among an impressive list of about 80 other vendors that included AAEVTZoetisMerckSmartPak and more!

During the trade-show days, our team introduced booth visitors to the Piavet System, networked, and attended lectures by industry-leading guest speakers. As one of our PiaTeam members said, “There were a lot of insightful industry perspectives that veterinarians came to the NEAEP ready to discuss.” 


Day 1 kicked off early with booth setup. There was a large backdrop poster, brochures, and other marketing materials. Pretty standard event stuff! But the real fun was in the giveaways (anybody call them tchotchkes?). Although we offered the typical goodies like lanyards and pens, our favorite (and turns out vets loved it, too) was our horse head multi-tool.

Piavita’s horse head multi-tool (that unlocks Aldi grocery carts, too!)

The best part about it? It unlocks your Aldi grocery cart! If you shop at Aldi, you know how frustrating it is to show up without the right coin to unlock your cart—but never again!

In the afternoon, the real fun began as eager vets, farriers and technicians flooded the floor to take in all that the 80+ vendors had to offer. Our team interacted with all kinds of equine practitioners, learned about their practices, and introduced them to the Piavet System.

Amy working the booth


Days 2 and 3 were spent on the trade-show floor where the PiaTeam had lots of opportunities to chat with vets about their practices! Vets talked about what helps drive their revenue streams, and our team let them get hands-on with the product. 

Piavita also heard from some of the industry’s future practitioners. After seeing our demo, a group of young vet interns from Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital shared their thoughts on the system and talked about the use cases that excited them the most.

“I think this would be really interesting for isolation monitoring.” – Rebecca Barton

“I think this would be great for owners that may want to monitor their horses at home so that we as vets can monitor and share all of that information with them.”  – Erin Lohbeck

“I think it would be very cool to monitor colic cases.” – Tatiana Fraguela


Day 4 was exciting! Piavita was invited to demo at the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians (AAEVT)-sponsored Field Anaesthesia Wet Lab. NEAEP organized the wet labs as part of its continuing education program.

So, on Saturday morning, Amy drove to Rood & Riddle Saratoga Equine Hospital and conducted a one-hour demonstration. Both local area veterinary technicians as well as attendees from the NEAEP conference came to participate. While there were plenty of important people in attendance, the wet lab’s real star was Cartwheels. Cartwheels is a Standardbred mare owned by Rood & Riddle who enjoys full-time residency in the Saratoga facility. Although we aren’t permitted to share her photo online, the mare was a willing and helpful participant in Piavita’s live demo. She made it easy for the AAEVT technicians in attendance to see just how comfortable she was while having her vitals recorded. 

Great feedback from a great event!

AAEVT Executive Director, Deborah Reeder, was also in attendance and shared some thoughts about the event with us in an email. “The attendance […] was very good, with technicians and assistant coming in from all over the US and Canada. [The Piavet team] answered everyone’s questions, allowed them to work with the equipment and the software, and gave them some great tips on how this monitoring device can best be utilized.”

During the demo, Amy showed how the Piavet System works and integrates with the digital platform while the veterinary technicians in attendance practiced monitoring a patient under anaesthesia

As Amy said, “NEAEP offered a unique opportunity for Piavita to interact closely with top veterinarians and technicians from across the country. We spent time learning about how they run their practices, service their clients, and create diverse revenue streams while offering our perspective on Piavita’s digital platform.”

If you were at the symposium and want to share your thoughts, or would like to get in touch to learn more about the Piavet System and how it can help you in your daily veterinary practice, please contact us!

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