The veterinary medtech revolution.

Piavita digitizes veterinary care: we offer veterinarians a digital solution to accompany their daily work. Within seconds, veterinarians gain in-depth knowledge about the well-being of their patients and can monitor them long-term – anywhere at any time.
Our first Vet System product provides veterinarians comprehensive, high-precision vital sign detection for horses.

Piavita Vet System Features

The Piavita Vet System is the world’s first medical monitoring system that allows for high-precision vital sign measurements on standing horses. It requires no wires and is completely non-invasive. The measurements are controlled and managed through your customized Piavita Online Platform where you can manage all your patients at a glance – anywhere at any time.

Wireless ECG

High-precision full-scale ECG without wires and without preparation (no shaving) for up to 40 hours.


With our leading technologies, we are able to define body core temperature of the patient.

HEART Rate and Pulse

ECG-based Heart Rate is visualized and calculated. For enhanced cardiological analysis, pulse sequence and heart rate variabilities are shown (upcoming).

ACTIVITY and MOTION patterns

Integrated motion sensors precisely track the activity of the horse to gain more contextual information even from abroad. Abnormal motion patterns can be easily detected.

RESPIRATION rate and sequence

Monitoring of long-term high-precision sequence of respiration allows for in-depth pulmonary analysis. Respiration rate indexes enable fast insights into the well-being.

ONLINE PLATFORM and automated tools

With the web-based Piavita Vet Platform, you can access, monitor and manage your patients’ data from anywhere at any time. Additional tools like alarm systems, automated reports, and sharing with colleagues and experts, can save you hours of manual work.

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How it works

Learn more about the Piavita Technologies and Machine Learning-based Software Tools.


Patient insights wherever you are



With the Piavita Vet System, you make your daily business faster and easier


– AND add superior services and diagnosis possibilities to your portfolio.



Remote Monitoring

Do you need intensive care, post-operative monitoring or monitoring of isolated patients? With Piavita, you have insights into their well-being at your fingertips!

Long-term Analysis

Long-term analysis made easy: the Piavita Vet System gives you insights into long-term behaviour and well-being of your patients – no matter where you or the patient is situated.

Daily applications

Save time and money in your daily routines: with the Piavita Vet System, monitoring of your patients doesn’t require driving back and forth between your patients. Continuous, wireless updates will be available to you at any time on your tablet and computer.

Immediate Results

With the Piavita Vet System, there is no need to continuously revisit your patients. You will have all recorded measurements in hand wherever you are, ready to access supporting diagnostic tools for easier and faster evaluations.